Smart Grid Solutions

PEC provides smart grid solutions including:

  • Design of smart meter applications

Commissioning and Testing

PEC provides commissioning and testing services including:

  • On-site commissioning support
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Technical support throughout the project and after service.

Automation and Integration

PEC designs state of the art SCADA systems for monitoring and controlling power systems.

  • Substation HMI
  • Automated Event and Sequential event recorders (SER) collection
  • Synchrophasor data collection
  • Remote engineering access and time synchronization
  • Power Management System and Control

Relay Application and Settings

PEC provides expertise in relay applications and settings for both electric utilities and industrial customers in the following areas:

  • Transmission line protection
  • Generator protection and monitoring
  • Distribution system protection, automation, and monitoring
  • Motor Protection for induction and synchronous motor applications
  • Transformer protection and monitoring
  • Substation bus and breaker failure protection
  • Capacitor and reactor banks protection
  • IEC 61850 application and implementation

Power Engineering Consultants (PEC) specializes in power system protection and control and offers its customers the highest quality engineering services in the following areas:


PEC offers custom training tailored to both engineers and technicians that meet your requirements and offer both short and long term employee development goals

  • Power system fundamentals
  • Generation and Motor Protection
  • Transmission Line Protection
  • Distribution Feeder Protection
  • Capacitor Bank Protection

Power System Studies

PEC can perform a wide range of engineering studies and analysis, including:

  • Fault study analysis and equipment rating
  • Model power systems with transients analysis programs (EMTP/PSCAD) for complex protection scheme and validation testing
  • Coordination studies
  • Arc flash hazard analysis
  • Load flow, transient stability and system planning
  • Root cause analysis and troubleshooting
  • NERC PRC Standards Compliance and Recommendations