PEC was founded in 2015 by Sal Jadid. He has over 17 years  experience in utility transmission, distribution generation and motor protection. He started his career at Entergy as an electrical engineer in the engineering services protection group, where he was responsible for fault studies and relay coordination and settings from low voltage to 500 kV.

In 2006, he joined Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. as a field application engineer. He helped customers with protective relaying applications, root cause analysis and recommendation. He participated in industry technical meetings and presented at conferences and seminars and mentored new customers on protection. He was a certified SEL University instructor in 2006 and has taught numerous courses in the fundamentals of transmission line,  generator and motor protection. He also taught hands-on training with SEL products and application. Additionally, he held the position of lead product engineer in the research and development group at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories . He has been a registered professional engineer in Louisiana since 2006.

Sal Jadid holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management from the University of New Orleans. He earned his Ph.D from the University of Idaho in Electrical Engineering specializing in power systems. His research interest are adaptive protective relay settings. power system transients, real time digital simulation and HVDC/FACTS studies.